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        辰工油氣井節點分析軟件主要圍繞每口井的地層滲流-井筒管流及油氣嘴節流以及產能預測,提供從地下-節流閥-地面的一體化生產制度優化。針對常規油氣藏、頁巖氣藏、致密氣藏等地質特征和儲層特點,找出制約油氣井生產的因素,優化生產工藝方式及采收率,對于油氣井的產能預測和優化生產工作制度,具有重要的指導意義 …… >> 詳情
        根據地層油氣水實際情況進行油氣水高壓物性參數(PVT)計算、基于閃蒸的流體相態計算、井底壓力計算、井筒壓力及溫度計算、產能試井 …… >> 詳情
        Chengong oil and gas nodal analysis software mainly focuses on the formation seepage flow of each well, the pipe flow of wellbore and the throttling of oil and gas nozzle and the prediction of production capacity, and provides the optimization of integrated production system from underground, throttle valve and surface... >> Details
        According to the actual situation of formation oil and gas water, the high pressure physical parameters of oil, gas and water (PVT) calculation, the fluid phase state calculation based on flashing, bottom hole pressure calculation, wellbore pressure and temperature calculation, productivity well testing and prediction, etc. are proceed... >> Details