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        圖1 井筒壓力變化圖 圖2 井筒溫度變化圖 圖3 地層出水量計算 圖4 地層出水量預測

        Products>>Products on Sale>>Chengong Development Software Series>>Chengong Software for Calculating the Temperature of the Wellbore and the Formation

        The coupling equation of wellbore and formation heat flow is established according to formation seepage wellbore thermal convection and formation heat conduction, and the single well water output and wellbore temperature loss are obtained by numerical solution, which provides single well productivity prediction for deep utilization of geothermal wells.

        According to formation porosity, permeability and other parameters, the water output under different bottom hole flowing pressure is calculated.

        Formation temperature calculation.

        Calculation of wellbore pressure and temperature loss.

        The dryness and vaporization heat of high temperature wells are calculated.

        Geothermal well development scheme optimization, users can form a variety of standard reports according to needs.

        The software adopts VC2010 interface, the interface is easy to operate, the input and output parameters can be compatible with different units, the calculation program runs fast, the results are accurate and reliable, and can form various standard reports according to the needs of users. It is suitable for thermal energy and productivity prediction in geothermal electric power generation, and it is a tool software for geothermal electric power generation scheme design.

        Figure1: Wellbore pressure change Figure2: Wellbore temperature change Figure3: Formation water output calculation Figure4: Formation water output prediction