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        發表日期:2014-11-25  作者:辰工科技技術部轉載





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        Chengong Science and Technology Has Won the Title of "Excellent Software Enterprises and Excellent Software Products in Anhui Province" Again

        Publish Date: 2014-11-25  Author: Chengong Technology Department

        Chen Gong Technology get good news again! In the 2014 "Three Excellent" evaluation organized by Anhui Software Industry Association, our company won the title of "2014 Excellent Software Enterprise". At the same time, the "Chengong Numerical Well Testing Analysis System V1.0", which was independently developed by our company, won the honorary title of "Excellent Software Products of Anhui Province in 2014".

        Being appraised as "Excellent Software Enterprise of 2014" is not only an affirmation of our company work in the past two years, but also an encouragement to our company unremitting efforts to do industry software development and strive to become the largest and most influential engineering software developer, Integrator and seller in China.

        The "Chengong Numerical Well Testing Analysis System V1.0", which is appraised as the excellent software product of Anhui Province, is a well testing software based on the numerical solution of reservoir mathematical model, according to complex well type (such as horizontal well multi-stage fracturing), complex boundary, anisotropic reservoir, multiphase fluid and other pressure data without analytical solution, processing interpretation and analysis. This part includes unstructured PEBI grid division, finite volume discretization, preprocessing and solving of asymmetric irregular sparse matrix and so on. Chengong numerical well testing analysis system V1.0 not only has all the functions of foreign numerical well testing analysis software, but also develops data processing, report output, result comparison, distributed data storage and management, online browsing and other supporting products according to the needs of domestic users, which greatly facilitates the operation and use of users, data mining and result reporting. The main technologies of the software include grid division technology, matrix preprocessing technology, oil and gas two-phase numerical calculation, visual display technology of calculation results and so on.

        Finally, thank the provincial software association highly recognized to our company and software products, our company will continue to work hard in the future, increase the research and development of software products, continue to forge ahead, improve the technical level of the company industry. Will always adhere to the "Integrity as base, innovation as soul" core values, in order to speed up the realization of the next step of the company leap forward.